Business License

The goal of the Town of Yemassee Business License is to quickly and efficiently set up new business license accounts, assist in annual renewals as well as maintain a current database of Business License information, Accommodations & Hospitality tax accounts.

Any business located within the corporate limits of Yemassee must have a valid business license. Additionally, any business conducting operations within the corporate limits of Yemassee must also obtain and possess a business license. Business Licenses in the Town of Yemassee are valid from May 1 thru April 30th each calendar year. Renewal notices are sent out in March with payment due by April 30th. Accounts not satisfied by April 30th are subject to a 5% penalty each month for up to two months. After two months, Town Staff shall contact the Town Attorney for the appropriate legal action.

Important Notice - The Yemassee ZIP code 29945 spans portions of four counties. Accordingly, please be sure that your business or job site is located within the Town Limits of Yemassee. Yemassee spans portions of Beaufort and Hampton county. Do not rely on the zip code to determine if the property is within town limits. To see which areas are within Town Limits, click here.

Steps for procuring a New Business License

The following items are generally what is needed to establish a new Business License account in the Town of Yemassee. If you are renewing an existing license, this information won't be required unless we do not have all of your supporting documentation on file. If you have any questions, please contact the Business License Department at (843) 589-2565 Ext. 2.

Step 1 - Determine Location

For commercial buildings in the Town of Yemassee, the following apply

  • Building Permit (If renovating existing space or building new location)
  • Valid E-911 Address from the respective County addressing Authority
  • If you are replacing an existing sign, or erecting a new sign, a Sign Permit Application and the associated fee will be required.

Step 2 - Complete application and provide required information

You should complete your Business License application form prior to arriving at the Town Hall so we may expedite your license request. Please bring all necessary documentation

Step 3 - License Issue

  • If all documentation is readily available we can process your application. We accept cash (exact change), check, money order, and all major Credit & Debit cards. Please note, there is a 2% service fee assessed by SC.Gov, our payment portal partner, for any credit/debit card transactions.
  • Once you have been issued your license, it is important to place it in your business in a prominent location where it can be easily inspected by Town Staff.
  • If you do not operate a brick and mortar business in the Town Limits, such as contractors and handymen, please ensure that any staff member that is on-site will have a copy of the Business License. We will be happy to print out additional copies for your vehicles or job sites
  • If you are not operating a physical location in the Town of Yemassee, please also check with the town or County where you plan to operate from to ensure you obtain the appropriate license from them as well.