Capital Projects

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Demolition Project

The Town of Yemassee is pleased to announce the award of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) by the South Carolina Department of Commerce in the amount of $157,000 for the demolition of dilapidated and blighted properties in and around the Town. The grant will allow for the complete demolition of the structures to restore the property back to a conforming standard with our Community Ordinances.

Water Extensions & Upgrades / Sewer Extension

The Town of Yemassee is pleased to announce the award of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) by the South Carolina Department of Commerce in the amount of $861,970 for Water System Extensions & Upgrades and a Sewer Extension. The grant will allow for extending new water service, improving existing water system infrastructure which will increase water pressure and help with fire protection as well as extending new sewer service. The project will consist of three project areas:
  • Water System Extension/Upgrades – The existing line on Salkehatchie Road west of Hill Road will be increased to a larger diameter with new water lines being ran down Likita Ln and Terry Rd. The increased water pressure will allow for the placement of fire hydrants in this area. Across Interstate 95, the water line will be extended up Jackson Street and on to Old Salkehatchie Hwy. Service will be extended up Edgar Jackson & Louis Davis Roads.
  • 17A Water Upgrades – This will upgrade the existing water lines around Hunt Street and 17A by replacing the existing steel lines and eliminate the need for further repairs.
  • Sewer Extension – Sewer service will be extended from the end of Willis Street South onto Riley Street a portion of the lower section of Bing Street. These areas have experienced numerous problems with their existing septic tanks due in part to the area being low-lying.

The Town will coordinate this project with Lowcountry Regional Water System who maintains the water infrastructure in Hampton County.

Marine Corps Tribute Park ($36,500)

In October 2022, the Town of Yemassee was awarded by the Beaufort County Legislative Delegation, a South Carolina Parks Recreation & Tourism (PARD) grant in the amount of $25,000 to develop a new active park in the downtown area. This is a tremendous accomplishment as it will be the Towns first park within Beaufort County and the first new park to be dedicated in over a decade.

Castle Hall Sidewalk Extension (Project Budget: $234,000.00)

This project comprises the design and construction of new sidewalks, lighting, and Stormwater Infrastructure on Castle Hall Road from the current sidewalk terminus at Wall St, to the second entrance of the Beaufort Housing Authority Yemassee Heights development. The primary focus of this project is to create greater pedestrian connectivity to the public housing projects to the downtown area while improving citizen safety along the Castle Hall corridor.

River Road Sewer Project (Project Budget: $200,000)

This project will install an alternative sewer system including individual grinder pumps and common force main to serve six (6) homes and one (1) industrial customer on River Road, in Beaufort County, the abandonment of existing septic tanks and the installation of two (2) Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) including radio equipment to allow two existing pump stations on Guess Drive to be monitored as part of the LRWS existing SCADA System.