Municipal Election Commission (MEC)

South Carolina state law authorizes municipalities to hold elections, however a municipal election commission must conduct those elections. Every municipality must have an Municipal Election Commission (MEC), and keep it on a continuous basis. The Town of Yemassee Municipal Election Commission is comprised of three residents who are registered voters of the Town of Yemassee and must remain one for the duration of their appointment. Committee members are appointed to the MEC by the Mayor & Town Council.

Duties of the MEC

  • Public election notices
  • Appoint and train poll managers
  • Provide information to the County election commission for preparing voter machines and equipment
  • Distribute ballots
  • Oversee ballot tabulation
  • Certify candidates and election results
  • Hear protests

Membership Terms
Each MEC member serves a six-year staggered term. When initially established, the MEC will have one member with a two-year term, one with a four-year term and the third with a six-year term. After the initial appointments, each appointment should be for a six-year term.

Voting Information Your home address and county of residence dictate your voting location. Hampton County
PrecientPolling Place

Yemassee Municipal Complex

101 Town Circle

Yemassee, SC 29945

Beaufort County
PrecientPolling Place
Sheldon 1*

Elijah Washington Medical Center
211 Paige Point Rd.

Sheldon, SC 29941

Sheldon 2*

Booker T. Washington Community Center
182 Booker T. Washington Cir.

Yemassee, SC 29945

*Only registered voters within the Town limits of these polling precients may participate in Municipal Elections