Yemassee Municipal Court

The Town of Yemassee Municipal Court ensures a fair and balanced trial for the accused and an unbiased climate for the Town's citizens and visitors. Yemassee Municipal Court is responsible for adjudication and disposition of misdemeanor violations including Criminal, Traffic, Town Ordinance Violations and more occuring within the corporate limits of Yemassee.

Depending on the nature of crime, certain instances would dictate the accused having their court held at an outside venue such as Beaufort County General Sessions, Beaufort County Family Court, Hampton County General Sessions or the Jasper County Magistrate Court.

Court Sessions: 

Court is held every Tuesday. Please refer to your Uniform Traffic Ticket for the date and time of trial.

Defendants are encouraged to contact the issuing Officer by email, before their court date for information regarding reductions in fines, diversionary programs, and providing proof of registration, insurance, or driver’s license.

Important Reminder: No cellphones, purses, recording devices, laptops, PDA's, iPads, tablets or similar devices are permitted into the Court Room. Additionally, no food, beverages or hoodies/hats are permitted unless they are of a religious nature. The Reception desk is unable to hold these items for you. Please ensure you leave these items safely secured in your locked vehicle. You are permitted to bring in a wallet. Payment Information: Cash Payments may be made to the Clerk of Court inside the courtroom, exact change is required. You may opt to pay with a credit/debit card bearing the American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa logo at the Reception Desk. Be advised, the payment processor of the State of South Carolina, Tyler Technologies, assesses a 2% service fee for the processing of all credit/debit cards and this fee cannot be waived. This fee enhances the state's online offerings. As an example, on a $100.00 fine, this would add approximately $2.70 extra. Receipts are e-mailed to the address provided to the cashier. If your license is suspended, please see the Clerk of Court for further.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Loretta Beckett Associate Judge
Bertrand Dore Chief Municipal Judge
William Sanford Clerk of Court (843) 589-6315
Jonniquka Leak Assistant Clerk of Court