Upcoming tree trimming by Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy announces 2023 Tree Trimming & Right-of-Way Maintenance in Town of Yemassee
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – As part of their routine five-year cycle to maintain public safety and system reliability, Dominion Energy, an electric & natural gas provider within the Town of Yemassee, has provided the Town with its annual tree trimming and right of way maintenance schedule for 2023.  Property owners will be notified by mail or email approximately two weeks prior to the start of trimming in their area. Last year, contractors for Dominion Energy conducted a significant amount of tree trimming along rights-of-ways within the Town which minimizes areas needing trimming this year. While the work is being conducted, the contractor will have one “top trimmer/foreman” present at all times, a company representative will be available as needed and the contractor will remove all debris resulting from trimming activities in a timely manner.

The areas of Town that are scheduled to have tree trimming and right-of-way maintenance conducted will be:

  • SC-68 (Yemassee Highway) from the old Yemassee Dump site to just west of the intersection of Simmons Street.
  • Trask Parkway from near Stoney Creek Cemetery Road to just west of Bryant Road in Sheldon.
  • The 800 block of Old Sheldon Church Road along the banks of the Huspah Creek in Seabrook.
  • Portions of Bailey Road in Seabrook.

A map is attached to this Press Release illustrating the project areas. For more information on trimming in your area, visit: Trimming (dominionenergyse.com)


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