Curbside Trash Service

The Town of Yemassee currently provides curbside trash pick-up to those residents residing within Town Limits through our provider, S&S Disposal. The residential cost is $12.00 per month which is assessed onto your LRWS bill. At the current time, there is not a recycling program. Residential pick-up is completed on Wednesday Mornings weekly. We encourage our residents to place their garbage receptacles at the road the night before as trucks may come as early as 3 AM. The Town is in the process of issuing out town-owned Trash Receptacles, each with a unique serial number tied to your address. If you move, do NOT take your can with you as that is registered to that address. Contact the Town Hall and a new can will be delivered should there not be one.

town can

The Town & S&S Disposal is committed to providing the highest quality service for our residents. If you experience a problem such as a missed pickup or damaged trash receptacle, please call the Public Works Department at (803) 942-3837. Do not steal a can from an empty house or use a personally owned can. S&S Disposal will only pick up S&S cans and the Town of Yemassee labeled cans.

Curbside Pick-Up FAQ

Can I replace a broken cart or order replacement wheels?

Carts will be replaced if they are damaged. Please contact Public Works at (803) 942-3837

How do I report a missing / stolen cart?

Please contact Public Works at (803) 942-3837 and inform them of your address. Each Can bear a unique serial number and each house should only receive one can unless they pay for a second. To sign up for a second roll cart, please contact the Town Hall.

Where can I drop off excess trash and recycling if needed?

Both Beaufort County and Hampton County offer Solid Waste & Recycling drop off sites. Please check their respective sites for hours and days of operation.

Where may I drop off Computers or bulk paper to be shredded?

Beaufort County offers various "Special Collection Events" throughout the year. Please click the link for more information on the location, dates and times of these events.