If you are close to the Town boundary and in an urbanizing area, annexation may help you receive high-quality urban services in the most affordable way possible.

When you annex your property into the Town of Yemassee, you gain our town services. Our goal is to provide high-quality municipal services, efficiently, effectively, and responsively. Municipal services include Police protection, curbside trash pickup, Municipal Court services, Public Works maintenance on your roadway right of ways and street lights just to name a few. Along with receiving our municipal services, you also gain the right to vote in municipal elections and have a voice in our town government after you are a town-resident for a minimum of thirty (30) days. You do not lose your county council representation nor do you change school districts upon annexation. It does not matter if you live in Beaufort County, Hampton County or Jasper County- as long as your property touches the Town boundary, you are eligible to annex into the Town of Yemassee.

How to Annex
If your property meets the basic requirements and you wish to annex into the Town of Yemassee, the process is:

  1. Request Annexation (by petition)
  2. Staff Review
  3. Annexation (1st & 2nd Reading by Town Council)
  4. Notification of Service Providers

This basic process is the same whether you are the owner of a single property or you and your neighbors wish to become a part of the Town of Yemassee. The Town Clerk, with the assistance of other Town staff, is responsible for the facilitation and management of the annexation process, which is governed by State Law.

After the petition is submitted and verified by the Town Clerk, he will then forward it to the Town Council for its first reading. After a first reading, your petition will have one more reading at which time the property will be officially annexed into the Town of Yemassee.

What are the Benefits of Annexation?

  • A full range of superior municipal services is provided to all Town residents.
  • Once-a-week garbage and trash removal available from the town's contractor, S&S Disposal.
  • The Town pays the electric bill for neighborhood street lights. If no street lights exist, the Town will work with Dominion Energy to implement a street light plan at no cost to you.
  • Ability to vote for Town elected officials, be appointed a member of a Board or Commission or run for Town Council after you have been a resident in Town limits for a minimum of thirty (30) days.
  • Get your building permits right here in Yemassee! No more long trips to Beaufort or Hampton! We maintain a staff inspector who conducts building inspections and Code Enforcement.